Taking Hand and Foot Prints

If you’ve ordered a personalised print that features hand and/or foot prints you’ll need to take the prints and send them to us.

For a baby, it’s easiest to take a hand print while they are fast asleep.

Poster paint works well, ink pads, or you can buy inkless handprint kits. Please do the print on plain white paper or card.

Scans are best, but I can also accept good quality photos of the hand/footprints.

Please also measure the hand/footprint from top to bottom and send those measurements.

Baby hand and footprints will be printed true to size on most artwork, but older children and adult’s prints may need to be shrunk to fit the artwork.

Hand and footprints will be digitised to use in the artwork. The prints won’t actually be altered, so the quality of print you send will be reflected in the quality of print on the final artwork.

Please send hand and foot print images to me via email joanne@enchanted-wishes.co.uk